QORDS (Queer Oriented Radical Days of Summer)

QORDS is a week-long overnight summer camp for queer youth or youth of queer parents, with special focus on youth in the South. Over the course of the week, campers form bands and write songs to perform. Each day campers attend band practice, which includes instrument instruction, song-writing workshops, and general practice with band members. Additionally, they attend workshops on issues related to gender identity, consent and sexual health, organizing for change, and sexual orientation as well as engage in other camp activities like arts and crafts, creative writing, dancing, drag, hiking and canoeing. At the end of the week, campers put on a showcase of their original music and poetry for family, friends, and community members at a local venue.

By empowering Southern queer & trans youth and building community through music, QORDS is a vehicle for expressing gender and sexuality, and harbors an environment of self-discovery and social change.