Pride Month History: Stormé DeLarverie

King Stormé

Stormé DeLarverie is most well known for being the first person to throw a punch a stonewall. Although there is dispute over the validity of this assertion, his contributions to the queer community are indisputable. DeLarverie was a biracial he/him lesbian.* He was an entertainer, protector, and revolutionary. In the 50s and early 60s he traveled the country as a drag king with the Jewel Box Revue, North America’s first racially integrated drag revue. After Stonewall he worked as a bouncer at several lesbian bars in Greenwich Village and was known to patrol the whole area for any “ugliness,” his word for intolerance or abuse. DeLarverie was also a founding member of the Stonewall Veterans Association, and served as vice president for several years.


DeLarverie posing with the Stonewall car.


*Although many sources continue use she/her pronouns, the Stonewall Veterans Association has identified he/him as DeLarverie’s preferred pronouns.

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